Frequently Asked Questions

Need help navigating our platform or products? Our experts have compiled this list of frequently asked questions to help.

Go to our Live Search page, choose the jurisdiction from the dropdown list then type all or part of the legal entity's name in the search bar and click on 'Search'. Select the desired entity to be redirected to its profile page where you can check further details or purchase official documents and filings.
Document availability depends on public source information and local legal requirements. If your required document cannot be found on the live search list, you can submit a Business KYC Concierge request for further investigation.
Once you have found the correct entity and have checked the list of available documents, click on "Add to cart" section of the report you would like to buy. This does not trigger any payment transaction. Your choice is placed in your shopping cart. To order, go to your shopping cart and follow the steps to finalize payment.
All your purchases are stored in your personal Bookshelf. To access your Bookshelf, log in with your username and password. Your documents are displayed in alphabetical order as PDF files.
Entity details are sourced directly and in real time from publicly available international trade registers. Reports are available in the official language of the country or jurisdiction. Commercial registers fulfil a range of official functions including publication, verification, monitoring, and protection. We are therefore obliged to reproduce the information unchanged. However the cover page of every report can be viewed in English or German. You can also request a fast and reliable translation of your official documents via our professional Translation Service directly from your Bookshelf after having purchased the register report.
Specific company document content depends on the jurisdiction and legal entity type and may vary accordingly. Consult kompany's Sample Documents for more details. If additional documents or information is required, you can submit a Business KYC Concierge request to initiate further investigation.
First log in to your Customer Account with your username and password then you can perform the necessary adjustments in your personal user account area. You can update your account data (including password and username), personal data and payment information.
First log in to your Customer Account with your username and password and click on "Your Account" to get to your user account area. Here you can easily upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription by clicking on "Manage Your Plan".
First log in to your Customer Account with your username and password and go to "Credit Card Payment Details" or "International Payment Details". You can also submit a request to our Customer Service Team.
kompany provides professional users worldwide with easy access to authoritative and international business verficiation information. All data to which we provide access is publicly available information. According to the Commercial Code of each country, entries of registered companies are subject to public policies stating that such information is to be publicly accessible. The information displayed about your company is the current publicly available entity data in the respective Commercial Register.